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Crossfit for all ages!

From kids as young as 8 to our 50+ members, we provide a safe and adaptive workout for all.
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Indoor and outdoor spaces available!

Practicing "social distancing" inside and out. We believe a clean environment is a safe one.

Working Together Against COVID-19

It is our goal to keep our community healthy and the gym squeaky clean, while still allowing our athletes to work hard and sweat! In order to make our goal a reality we have implemented the following protocols:

  • We are raising the bar on our already rigorous cleaning process and practices to double down on all high-touch surfaces, floors, equipment and bathrooms
  • Bathrooms are cleaned at least once per day
  • All equipment is disinfected after each use and then again at the end of the day  
  • The floors are disinfected between each class
  • While in the gym, members and coaches are required to follow all California-mandated safety guidelines. Please find these guidelines HERE
  • We will be capping classes to a level we feel is safe. No more than 15 athletes will be permitted to workout during a class. Please make sure to check in on the Triib App to reserve your spot
  • On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 7:15am-8am, we have created a dedicated time slot for our “Legends” (50+) and/or those members who are higher risk. We want these members to be able to use the gym and feel safe while doing so
  • At this time, we are not permitting drop-ins from outside of Napa County unless they have quarantined in the county for 14 days and are symptom-free. This is temporary as we generally love welcoming people from all over!
  • Feel sick? We love you, but stay home. Please do not come to the gym!

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